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Kitchen remodeling nowadays are done quick and easy. This process is tedious but if you have a partner to help you out then it’s a start. Kitchen remodeling is possible in just one week. Let’s go ahead and start the process.

It is challenging to gut out the entire kitchen. Although considering that you have to do the cabinets, flooring, walls, and the whole look of the room, it is easier with this guide for you.

Day 1. Demolish-ion Day. Demolish everything starting with the cabinets first. The floor is demolished using a jackhammer. Demolishing the walls is done using a rotary hammer.

Day 2. Soffit Box. Remodeling your kitchen comes with adding a soffit box as a good priority. Putting an island range hood in the center of the kitchen is ideal if you want to make your new kitchen spacious. It is a nice structure and addition in your new kitchen to make the soffit box to hang from the ceiling in the center of the room. And also a couple of lights to put more lighting in the kitchen. Work too on the switches for these lightings. Running some HDMI cables and electrical and Ethernet for that is crucial.

Day 3. Floor Preparation. Without a nice floor your kitchen won’t be anything good at all. Select a good level quick agent that creates a nice smooth, even surface for tiling and fills in any cracks.

Day 4. Kitchen Tiling. You can decide to go with a 45-degree pattern for the floor tiles. Since everything on the wall is parallel to the design of the whole room, then doing a mix up is good. You can get inexpensive 12 x 12 tiles from good source. Grouting the floor is done to even the surface and to make sure the tile is fixed.

Day 5. Open Concept Space. Create an open space on the wall from the dining room to your kitchen wall. Do the electrical system of your kitchen and sheetrock on the patched section of the wall. Drywall process is quite challenging but worth it. Mudding and sanding first for many layers repeatedly then do sheetrock over both existing and new ones to even the surface. Kitchen Remodeling Amarillo has a lot to offer on this aspect. Adding insulation on the wall is a good extra for your kitchen.

Day 6. Cabinet Setup. Build the cabinets or pre-built cabinets are setup on the section of the wall of your choice. Go first with setting up the oven cabinet. Taking advantage of the vertical space is good for tall cabinets, meaning more space. The plumbing and gas connections should be done too on this day.

Day 7. Paint Day. Preparing the room is the last step before coloring your room. Protect the other parts of your kitchen and the cabinets by putting covers before doing the paint. Paint the wall from top to bottom.

Kitchen remodeling is now easier and faster.